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Atlanta Masonry Installation

Masons build and repair a wide variety of stone and brick structures, these include but are not limited to retaining walls, steps, fireplaces, patios, chimneys, mailboxes, and use of tile and glass block in home walls and floors. The cost of building the same structure out of brick, stone, and mortar is generally thought to be more expensive than building out of wood. However brick and stone have a distinctive look and, when constructed properly are found to be extremely durable. We here at Atlanta Cross Ties understand that a mason who is highly experienced in building and repair is essential to matching brick and mortar. So wither you need the repairing of a crack or a sagging archor ,or building of a fireplace or an outdoor pit. We at Atlanta Cross Ties are ready for the job. We service most of the greater Metro area such as Kennesaw, Marietta, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Atlanta


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