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Atlanta Paver Installation

The use of concrete pavers is growing rapidly on both commercial and residential construction projects. Pavers interlock together to form a patterned surface which can be put into service immediately. Pavers are manufactured in various textures and colors. A big benefit of pavers is that they can be removed and re-installed, which reduces future service interruptions.

Pavers are often used for the following applications:

  • walkway pavers
  • patios pavers
  • sidewalk pavers
  • pavers for driveways
  • project entrances
  • a walkway through a city park
  • playgrounds
  • pool decks
  • entrance to corporate offices
  • around fountains
  • streets (most of Germany is paver streets)
  • airport runways

The popularity of pavers is expanding rapidly in the United States. There is plenty of growth to go: in Europe there are 100 square feet of pavers installed per person annually whereas, in the United States it is only 1 square foot per person. Insiders in the paver business say the market is on fire and poised to continue growing as the benefits of pavers become more well known. We at Atlanta Cross Ties are ready for the job. We service most of the greater Metro area such as Roswell, Marietta, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Atlanta


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